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Magicka is the invisible force that holds together the land of Tamriel, this land which we all hold so dear.

The threads of magicka flow, bind, and live throughout all of Nirn.

Babyfur trolling/bashing is not tolerated and will result in immediate ban.

These servers provide our players additional ways to interact within The Lord of the Rings Online, and give players the opportunity to be deeply immersed within the lore of The Lord of the Rings.While the community itself is still part of the furry fandom as a whole, it is large enough to present sufficient leaders, politics and drama to give the community a nearly independent feel to it.Role playing babyfurs will most often take on the role of a furry character in his/her infancy or childhood.These policies are in addition to Turbine’s Code of Conduct, found at which applies to all Lord of the Rings Online servers.The following worlds are Roleplay-Supported [EN-RP] Laurelin [DE-RP] Belegaer [FR-RP] Estel In addition, the Landroval server is Roleplay-Encouraged.

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A relatively popular MMORPG, where you play as a furre, or cross between a certain animal and human.

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