Dating a man twice my age

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Dating a man twice my age

The next 12 months after that were like “The Land Before Time” because even though it had its charming moments we all know all the dinosaurs are dead now and you can’t help thinking it the entire time.

That brings me to today, 20 months since the breakup and I am Billy Murray in Groundhog Day. Keep reading: Reason #1: If you were to conceive a child with him it would be the same age gap as you and your lover.

But the fact remains, whether you’re gay or straight, 30 years is not a negligible difference. I’m 25 and my—for lack of a better word—”boyfriend” is 51.

That’s more than twice my age—when I was born, he was older than I am now.

And he had a well-established type, too (Read: young).

But as time has passed and I’ve gone from college student to college professor, the gap between us has become markedly less pronounced.

You should give careful consideration to your situation before committing to this person; if that is the level your relationship has reached.

Have very open and frank discussions with the person you love about children and future plans; and be completely honest about what you want.

If you are very young and he is much older, as in your father's age ( I am assuming you are a female); the relationship could be hugely problematic.

Surely it won’t be the first time you’ve encountered it together?

Plus, the idea made me somewhat uncomfortable.)For the right woman, the guy would have been a prize catch.

His friends and family may be reluctant to accept you -especially if he has daughters who are close to your age. However as you get older and meet someone older, the dynamics change. I would absolutely date a healthy, interesting, man who was 65; and this is why: We would have much more in common that not, even though we are 15 years apart.

We would both be winding down careers, both have (most likely) raised our children and probably are both grandparents by our ages.

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I have been living with my boyfriend for two years and haven’t told my parents. We’ve now decided that we want to get married but I have no idea how to let my parents know without getting a painfully negative reaction, as I haven’t even told them I have a boyfriend VICKI Bang on their door together and step over the threshold together.

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