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Dangerous woman cam

It’s as if a Hollywood pitch meeting is about to break out -- an impression that’s reinforced when she offers a one-sentence summary of See Ariana Grande's Towel-Clad Cover Shoot But in Ariana Grande’s world, things are always a bit more complex -- odder? After delivering this little coming-of-age log line, for example, she points her big eyes up at the ceiling in search of a kicker and comes out with this: “And she has a black latex Super Bunny within!

” (More on that in a moment.) Once Grande -- a former Nickelodeon star and gifted comic actress who expertly impersonates other pop stars on -- warms up, the barely furnished house begins to feel less like a conference center and more like an acting studio.

In the dramatic and stunning body cam video, you hear both officers yelling, “Stop the car! “You’re responding to a call which is a fraud investigation at a doctor’s office,” said South Miami Police Capt. The South Miami Police Department has put out a flyer about the suspect, 27-year-old Paula Johnson of Northwest Miami-Dade, who has been arrested several times in the past on charges including grand theft, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and throwing a deadly missile, according to police.While it boasts five bedrooms, marble floors and a huge window overlooking beautiful Benedict Canyon, the Beverly Hills home Ariana Grande moved into last summer lacks any kind of decor -- unless you count the picture frames leaning against a nearby wall, their corners still wrapped in cardboard.On this Monday afternoon in April, Grande sits in a plush white chair at the head of her sprawling dining room table.Here are the best and worst moments of the 2016 Billboard Music Awards: The Best Britney Spears: For those who haven't made it to Vegas to see Britney Spears' ongoing residency, the pop queen gave the audience plenty of reasons to book a ticket to Sin City.She opened the show, starting with “Work Bitch” and worked her way through her songbook.

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You get the sense that Grande spends those days and nights she sings about on “Focus” not just at work on an album, but on considering her position in the ever-shifting popscape — and while there have, predictably, been personal and musical missteps, her willingness to experiment is what yielded the growth showcased on the impressive Dangerous Woman and has enabled her to continually exceed expectations for a 22-year-old 2013, she couldn’t escape Mariah Carey comparisons, compliments of her upper-whistle register, four-octave range, and overreliance on melismas to showcase what that voice can do.