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You may only activate ONE of these plugins at a time. You must create or edit a Page or Post in your blog to add the chat button code. [livechat:: Can be any IRC compatible channel name without the leading ‘#’ for instance #Help roomname would simply be listed as [livechat: Help: or the #Sexy Teens room name would be listed as [livechat: Sexy Teens: IRC Channel Name Special Characters such as ! option skin: There are a range of skins available to customize the look of the chat room to match your site, selecting a skin other than any on the below list will revert to the default skin skin:default skin:mirc skin:dark skin:dutch skin:german skin:gothic skin:norwegian skin:romanian skin:russian option image::close The image parameter generates the actual visible button on your site.

When a visitor or member of your blog clicks this image, the chat opens. CORRECT- As of this update we now support Freenode and our Adult Server at irc..

Chat is a high performance Joomla live chat software suite developed to work with all website platforms, including Word Press, Magento and Drupal thru its native plugins or thru its HTML bridge feature which allows you to simply copy and paste a small HTML snippet onto any website and instantly provide live support to your website visitors.

This powerful and feature filled extension allows you to easily communicate with your website visitors and monitor their activity in real-time from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device. Chat was designed with scalability in mind, allowing you to provide live support for all your websites from one application whether they are a Joomla based website or not!

Manage, organize your chat professional with Word Press plugins.

Elle peut ne plus être maintenue ou supportée et peut avoir des erreurs de compatibilité quand elle est utilisée avec des versions de Word Press plus récentes. Enter a simple code to your page or post to create an instant chat room for your visitors. The archive now contains TWO plugins, WP-Live-Chat-Adult, and WP-Live-Chat-Freenode.If you are a rigger, this may helps you in troubleshooting some minor problems. You can even shutdown your partners machine through your maya. drop these scripts into your partners machine's maya script folder. from your place, Use your partners IP Address and chat with him and take control of his maya. These live chat Word Press plugins will appear on the website wherever you want them to show.Initiating and engaging chat with your website clients to discuss or provide support, feedback offline or online is now much easier.

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This image may be any image you wish to use as a connect button. We are however in negotiations with our host companies and may be able to supply additional chat servers and services in the very near future.

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