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We were visiting a foreign country that had different beliefs and customs to what we’re used to.

So if we visited a mosque, then it was important to cover up .

The group said it plans to take legal action against the model.

WARNING: If you’re terrified of heights, your palms will likely be sweating after watching doesn’t plan on repeating the incident, but said she and the team deserved compensation for the risky photoshoot."We deserve a reward for disclosing weaknesses in the security of that building," Odintcova told in an email.

It requires practice and patience, but the rewards are great.

We will experiment with among others acrylic, watercolour and colour pencils.

A Russian model took her quest for the perfect Instagram photo to dizzying heights by dangling from atop a Dubai skyscraper.Video taken of the incident and uploaded on Instagram shows Viki Odintcova, 23, lean off the ledge of a skyscraper as a male assistant holds her hand.The model later holds the man's hand and dangles off of the 1,004-foot-high Cayan Tower.I have two friends that currently live in Dubai, so I messaged and pestered them until I had all the information I needed.After consulting my friends, and our tour guide, I discovered that it’s really just about being respectful.

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Video capture however will still be restricted to non-competition areas.