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Dating help for dorks

My general impression is that he’s interested in a relationship, but ‘impressions’ are not hard evidence and I just want to address it explicitly without my inner FEELINGS-VORTEX getting in the way.

I’m really struggling to find the right words to initiate this conversation, because everything that pops into my head has strong overtones of “PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER” and “I’m putting all my hopes and dreams on you despite only having known you for 10 weeks or so”…

At the same time however, they fear the rejection from the opposite sex.

Stonefist was an underweight nerd who collected Japanese comic books.

I was an overweight nerd who'd had a _Star Wars-_themed bat mitzvah.

This tendency towards withdrawing into themselves extends into all aspects of their lives.

Geeks foster and maintain the idea that nerds as a collective whole are better, more moral, more open minded and more socially accepting people.

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I’ve been dating a person for almost 3 months, and he is terrific and lovely. I know we’re both currently not seeing anyone else.